GSoC 2016



Firstly, I’d like to say that I’m really excited that I got accepted to Google Summer of Code 2016 and for having the opportunity to work on such an interesting project as Nautilus.

The first time I learned about open-source and Linux was in the first year at University and since then I’ve been a user of open-source software and now I’m really glad to say that I’ve become a contributor. I started contributing in February this year and one thing that I love about GNOME is the community, which has some really helpful and friendly people. The person who helped me the most is my mentor, Carlos Soriano, who offered me his help every time I needed it, for which I thank him a lot!

This is my first real project that I’m working on and I can say that doing something that you know will actually benefit people gives an amazing feeling. The goal of my project is to provide the ability of renaming multiple files in Nautilus easily, using a simple, nice and intuitive UI. Until now, you could do batch renaming only by using a third party tool, but that meant that you had to spend extra time for a simple task. The way I picture this new feature is by offering several modes of renaming like append/prepend, replace or format.

Here I’ll add updates about my work, so you can follow this blog to see how my project will progress šŸ™‚


GSoC 2016

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