First results

Not so long ago I finished my last exam and though I didn’t manage to spend as much time as I wanted on the project during my exams period, I added two modes for the batch renaming: Add Text and Replace. Add Text is appending/prepending  a string to the name and Replace replaces a string from all files selected with another.  Here is a video of how this modes work.

Something else I approached until now is handling the file conflicts. When renaming multiple files, there’s a chance that one or more files will end up having the name of an already existing file, making the renaming impossible. Until now the user would have seen an expander that shows a list with all the conflicts, but we decided that it would be better to change this design.

Initially, we followed the design of Finder since it seemed good enough, but it actually has some flaws. Carlos decided to ask for ideas on his blog and that turned out really well since we got a lot of good ideas, like using metadata. With the help of that blog post we also got to Alfredo from DeviantArt who offered to help us with design ideas (Here is his work). On the design part we also got help from Allan Day who offered us a very nice mock up, which we decided to use. What I like most about Allan’s design is that it uses tags and this leads to a more flexible renaming process.

I’ve already started working on the new design, so on my next blog post I expect to have some major improvements.

First results

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