Restoring tabs

Being able to restore tabs is a common feature that most web browsers provides to their users and could come in handy for some users of Nautilus since it’s much easier to restore the tab than navigating again to a file that’s somewhere deep in the hierarchy.

In order to be able to restore a tab in Nautilus, we have to keep a list with the minimum of information to recover the tab. This means that we’ll store the history, the view before search, in case the closed tab is a search, so that we know what was the view type before searching and last but not least, the location which was closed. Storing the location also means that the window will now keep a reference of the closed locations.

Restoring a tab can be done the same way as in a web browser, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T.


Restoring tabs

7 thoughts on “Restoring tabs

    1. I think I understood your question wrong, sorry. It’s not like the History of web browsers, as when the window closes the information about the tabs is gone. Initially I thought you meant the history of that tab.


    1. No, you can only restore closed tabs in a window and when the window is closed, the list of closed tabs is gone. So this is useful for when you accidentally close a tab and want to get fast again to that location


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